Sensory Equipment and Assistive Technology

Thanks to a grant from GreenState Credit Union, the To The Rescue HOPE Foundation is pleased to offer funding for sensory equipment and assistive technology to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Iowa resident
  • Low income
  • Demonstrated need
  • No other funding sources available
Assistive Technology

Live Life to Your Fullest

Sensory equipment and assistive technology fosters independent living for people with disabilities, promotes health equity, enhances healthy moms, children and families and supports behavioral and mental health. Sensory equipment and assistive technology aids recipients with life quality, independent living, developing key life skills, managing difficult behaviors, anxiety and stress reduction, self regulation and other mental health crises.  Sensory equipment and assistive technology enables individuals to live life to their fullest which not only benefits them but also all of society.

Assistance may include, but is not limited, to any of the following: therapy balls, brushes, putty and tactile tools, weighted blankets, noise reducers, braille devices, PECS (picture exchange communication systems), etc.

Thank you for supporting our volunteer program

Thank you for your support!

Your generosity enables us to improve the quality of lives for the at risk population. Thank you for your support!

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