Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of volunteering

Being a volunteer has a lot of benefits, ranging from health and wellbeing to skill development. Learn how volunteering can benefit you while doing good for others in your community.

Health and Wellbeing

Research has found that 77% of volunteers have an improvement in their mental health after volunteering, with 53% reporting that volunteering improved their physical health too.  

Social Connections

Volunteering is an ideal way of meeting new people and making new friends.  As there are similar interests, passions and values between volunteers, it is relatively easy to break the ice with another volunteer and develop a connection with them.  

Expanding Horizons

Increase the range of things that you know about or have experienced.  

Skill Development

Acquire, improve and enhance a wide range of skills and competencies by deliberately and continuously building knowledge, expertise and capabilities in specific areas to pursue personal and professional growth.

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