What are Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities?

IDD - Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

IDD stands for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Intellectual Disability

An intellectual disability is usually a permanent condition originating sometime between birth and age 18. Intellectual disabilities are often characterized by limitations in intellectual functioning. Individuals with an intellectual disability may also experience difficulties in a variety of everyday social and practical skills (individuals roughly have an IQ of 70 or below). 

Developmental Disability

A developmental disability is attributed to a cognitive (intellectual disability) and/or physical impairment. Individuals with a developmental disability may experience limitations in self-care, language and mobility. A developmental disability can include a broad range of disorders and syndromes including Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. 

Support Individuals with IDD

Around 36 percent of individuals with IDD have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis. Many may also have considerable behavioral challenges.  Developmental disabilities can include significant medical needs and physical disabilities which require specialized equipment and additional assistance with activities of daily living like eating and bathing.  Many of these individuals have little or no family involvement or outside supports.  

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